Hi there!

Hi there!

My name is Jay, and I make the internet pretty.

I love the internet and I set out to make it a better and more beautiful place. If you're looking for a front end dev that can make beautiful, responsive, and standards-compliant sites, look no further. In the words of Leonard Cohen
"I'm Your Man".

Contact me: jason.j.lane[at]gmail.com


Where I've been and what I've learned:


Champlain College
BS Computer Science
Aug 2003 - Nov 2007
Burlington, Vermont
Arrow Stylesight.com

Jr Web Developer
Aug 2008 - March 2010
Wrote Documentation
Made Static HTML Pages
Supported End Users
Created Image Zoom
Created Scrolling Gallery
Managed SQL Backups
Arrow The Queens Courier

Lead Web Developer
March 2010 - March 2012
Ported Site to Wordpress
Managed Ad Real Estate
Sole Site Administrator
Increased Traffic 145%
Managed All Social Media
Posted All News Content
MailChimp Administrator
Increased New Leads
Arrow RugsUSA.com

Front End Developer
March 2012 - Present
Program Weekly Promos
Optimizely A/B Testing
Homepage Redesign
JQuery Plugin Dev
Imported SQL Invetory
Designed FTL Templates
Social Campaigns
EDI Administrator
UPS Logistics Updates


What I love to do.

I am working on some cool projects at the moment. Watch this space for more awesomeness.
If you get bored refreshing this page, check out our twitter page for status updates.
Jay Lane: Fueled by Coffee

Freelance Services

Powered by awesomeness

My vision is simple. I want to create websites and applications with both high qualtiy design and easy-to-access
content. The finished product will be totally unique and represent awesomeness.
Concept and ideas

Digital Branding
Product Strategy
Project Management
Arrow User interface

A/B testing
Usability testing
Arrow Design and branding

Javascript & PHP
Wordpress / Magento
Joomla / OfBiz
Graphic Design
Interaction Design
Arrow Communication

Social Media
Digital Marketing
About me
Well versed & Well caffeinated

I am based in Brooklyn, New York - always on the hunt for new projects and development opportunities. I love the Internet, and I set out to make it a better and more beautiful place. I have worked on everything from the smallest landing pages to multimillion dollar eCommerce sites.

I'm a web developer/designer with over 10 years of experience in designing clean and easy to use websites. I made my first website at age 13 on Angelfire (check it out under the work section), and I haven't stopped developing ever since.

I am always happy to discuss potential opportunities , and if you have a project you would like to share with me I would be happy to hear from you via email or the old school way - telephone.

Contact me:
Jay Lane
Front End Developer
(631) 235-0102
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